How To Sell To A Real Estate Hedge Fund For Top Dollar

How Does It Work?!

Wonder how we simplify the process with a trusted direct offer?

Take & Close the Highest Offer

We will carefully evaluate your property to make sure it meets hedge fund criteria then submit it for offers. Once the offers are received, you take the highest offer and close. 

No Showings or Ugly Signs

Hedge funds require an inspection by a 3rd party company. They do not require you to make any repairs though. If the home doesn't meet hedge fund buying standards, then we'll send a representative for photos as we have other investment buyers who are paying top dollar that are looking for a home like yours!

What if the Home is Already Listed?

We work with Realtors, investors and directly with sellers. But often Realtors are our top source of homes we buy. The listing agreement will dictate the commission you'll owe to the agent. We don't have any commissions or additional fees. When you close with the hedge fund's preferred escrow office, they will also pick up all your closing costs and title fees. 

Close Quickly

We work with local title companies to process the exchange of title on the property. As soon as the title work is done we can close! This can be as quick as 7-21 days. 

Pick your Closing Date

You can close in a matter of days, or pick any date to work with your schedule up to 90 days after you accept our offer. You even have the flexibility to change the date when needed!

Only Work with the Best 

What's it like working with the top rated home selling solution in your area? Sell in peace knowing your in 5 star hands who've helped thousands of sellers just like you get top dollar for their house and close quickly. 

Where Do We Buy? 

Chances are if you ended up on this page you’re considering selling a property. We buy in the following states: Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida. We offer Home Sale Solutions For Any Situation. Request your offer today!

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What's The Difference? 

Selling To A Hedge Fund

Time On Market: 0 Days
Walk Through: 0
Commissions: 0%
Closing Fees: 0%
Repairs: $0
Inspections: Yes
Appraisals: No
Payment Type: Cash

Traditional Listing

Time On Market: 90+ 
Showings: 20+
Commissions: 5% to 7%
Closing Fees: 1% to 3%
Repairs: $2k to $20k 
Inspections: Yes
Appraisals: Yes
Payment Type: Financing

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