Why list when selling for cash
has never been easier

Step 1

Request an online offer, no repairs or showings required

Step 2

Our partnership with top investors means you receive multiple cash offers within 24 hours, without submitting to multiple sites

Step 3

Pick the best offer and your ideal moving date

Step 4

Join the many happy sellers that have sold to Housing Solutions


Here are some of the reasons so many have chosen to sell for cash

  • A local home buying specialist is assigned to your transaction
  • Pick a closing and moving date
  • Make no repairs, pay no fees, receive top dollar for your property
  • We can close in as as little as 5 days putting money in your pocket fast
  • Skip the hassles of listing and finding the right buyer
  • We’ve partnered with the largest national buyers that pay top dollar

Simplicity. Certainty. Speed.

Sell To Us

  • Simple one-time input process; we deliver multiple cash offers to you
  • Local representative who helps you beginning to end
  • Selling for cash is easy and hassle free
  • Pick your closing date, close on your schedule


  • Interview multiple agents with uncertainty of their negotiation skills
  • Sit and wait for offers after multiple open houses and showings
  • Lower price at buyer’s inspection/appraisal; effecting your net profit
  • Buyer chooses closing date and you risk possible buyer fallout


Cory Dugan

I feel compelled to share the story of our experience with Housing Solutions at My Home Group.  My father passed away in late September, and my siblings and I were at a loss as to what to do next.  My parents had been living in their home for 54 years and we wanted to get my mother moved out and in to a location that was closer to one of us.The challenge we faced was how to proceed with the sale of my parent’s home. It was likely that many things about the home may not be up to code. (more…)

Michael B – Phoenix Realtor/Investor

I have done business with David Coombs at Housing Solutions for a couple of years. In that time I have found both the company and Dave to be one of the few good ones in the wholesale space. They are accurate when pricing properties and realistic when estimating rehab budgets. With all of the ridiculous “deals’ circulating daily in the wholesale world I appreciate working with Dave and his company and would recommend them to anyone.

Kayla Maxwell

I’ve personally used Housing Solutions to locate and purchase my first flip property in Chandler. Dave and team are transparent, ethical, and not looking to take advantage of anyone. They recommended great contractors, hard money lenders, and private money lenders. I didn’t have to use any money out of my own pocket.
I had such a great experience that I actually joined the team! Now I learn from and work with the very best in the business.

Michael & Lexi Sarlo

We had a great experience. The buyer was nice and respectful. We were able to agree on a price that was a win win for each parties. I am very confident that they gave me a great deal. If you have a property to sell, give them first look, you will profit.


Quite often investors are willing to pay cash for a home and with the recent tightening of financial restrictions, coupled with the growing number of complaints about low appraisals, having a cash buyer has become even more appealing.