I feel compelled to share the story of our experience with Housing Solutions at My Home Group. My father passed away in late September, and my siblings and I were at a loss as to what to do next. My parents had been living in their home for 54 years and we wanted to get my mother moved out and in to a location that was closer to one of us. The challenge we faced was how to proceed with the sale of my parent’s home. It was likely that many things about the home may not be up to code. Moreover, the home needed some TLC before we could possibly think to market it on MLS. How much would repairs and updates cost? How would we find a realtor we could trust? That’s when we were blessed to be introduced to Housing Solutions.

I met with David Coombs from Housing Solutions at my Mother’s house, where he toured the home, took pictures, and explained their business. He stated that we could expect an offer inside of 5 days. Additionally, he explained the buying procedure, the inspection process, when the funds would be transferred, and also offered that the process of signing title over take place at the home so my Mother could stay put and not travel.

Mr. Coombs was flexible with regard to timelines as to accommodate my Mother’s situation and their offer was more than fair, so it was decided to move forward and do business with Housing Solutions. Mr. George Laughton and his associates also visited my Mother’s home, and the kindness and compassion that he exhibited put my Mother at ease.

Given that our family was still reeling from the recent death of my Father, I was so pleased to see that every single step of the process that David Coombs and Housing Solutions said would take place was delivered as promised, and on time. What a relief it was for my family to find a company that represented honesty, integrity, and trust in the way Housing Solutions did. We are so grateful to them!

We put our trust in Housing Solutions on faith alone, and they exceeded all of our expectations.

JV Buyers