Invitation Homes (IH) is one of the leading companies leasing out single-family homes across the country. They own, manage and renovate these homes and also offer a wide range of features present in each home that cater to every need.
Starting out with a meager seven-person team, IH started out by buying cheap run-down homes and renovating them before renting them out. Since then, they’ve exploded into the scene by making aggressive capital investments in foreclosed properties and turning them into beautiful, desirable homes. At seven-years old, the company has managed to turn into a giant in the single-family rental home market.
The company was founded in 2012 and currently operates out of Dallas, Texas. They have markets in seventeen cities across America, including Atlanta, Carolinas, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Nashville, Northern California, Orlando, Phoenix, Seattle, Southern California, South Florida, and Tampa. By concentrating their portfolio in certain areas, they’re able to provide efficient and effective service to their customers.
Invitation Homes is dedicated to providing their customers with homes that perfectly suit their needs. In an ever-changing world, IH can give you a home that fits your lifestyle, whatever it requires. Need something close to work? Maybe you need a place with a bigger kitchen space? Invitation Homes just might be the one who can give you that.

Renting with Invitation Homes
IH has certain standards that need to be met for homes, which assures quality living for each of their customers. Each home is guaranteed professional care through their ProCare Service, providing proactive maintenance and a 24/7 emergency service throughout the lease.
Customers are also able to avail of their Smart Home package for a small monthly fee. This program allows you to have full control over your home in different ways at just the flick of a finger on their mobile app. The Smart Home package includes features such as remote lock, temperature control, electricity management and unique access codes.
To rent with IH, it’s simply a matter of selecting a home, making sure you qualify for their leasing requirements, paying the application fee and applying for the home. Like in most cases, the application fee is non-refundable regardless of the result of your application.

Buying a home with the Resident First Look Program
So let’s say you’ve begun renting with Invitation Homes. You’re having a great experience with the home you’re renting and it meets every single one of your needs, you couldn’t possibly ask for a better place to live and grow. One day, maybe after a few months of renting, you get an alert: the home is for sale!
Under the Resident First Look Program, Invitation Homes presents exclusive offers to residents before even putting the house on the market. For most people renting, the house they’re living in just might be the house they’ve fallen in love with. IH wants you to have that opportunity.
The program has been launched in 13 out of the 17 markets the company operates in and has announced plans to expand to even more.
If you happen to be renting with Invitation Homes and are looking to go from tenant to homeowner, acting on this program could be in your best interest. However you have to take into consideration the limitations that come with this program. For one, you might think that your current residence is the absolute perfect home, but there may be another one just around the corner that’s an even better fit. Furthermore, there’s not a lot of flexibility offered when it comes to the closing deal, you’ll be in a take it or leave it situation.

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